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Colorado: An Inspiration

"Dear Ella" took me eight years to write and went through a lot of changes over the years. One of the biggest changes that I made was the shift in setting. Originally, my plan was that the whole book was going to take place in the Midwest. Then after a few years of writing, I relocated to Colorado Springs, CO and inspiration hit. My main character needed to be a little older and needed to make a similar change in her life by also coming to Colorado Springs in search of purpose and inspiration.

There's so many spectacular places in Colorado that the hardest part was including everything that I wanted to in the book. Most of the book takes place in Colorado Springs but Woodland Park, Manitou Springs, Divide, Canon City, and Denver all make appearances. There's also a few chapters towards the end of the book that take place in England but this post is about Colorado and how much I love it so I'll save my Anglophile content for later.

Below are going to be some pictures of real life places in Colorado that appear in the book and why I included them.

Downtown Colorado Springs

One of the main components of the book is Lizzie finding a new job at a bookstore called Rose's Books and Gifts in Downtown Colorado Springs. Downtown has a lot of cool spots but one that's dear to my heart is Poor Richard's Books & Gifts, which is the inspiration behind the bookstore that Lizzie and Charlie work at.

Garden of the Gods

Garden of the Gods is a beautiful park in Colorado Springs that Lizzie visits to appreciate Colorado's beauty.

Old Colorado City

Old Colorado City is a small shopping district in Colorado Springs that has great restaurants, boutiques, galleries, and more! One restaurant that's my favorite is Dat's Italian, which is featured in my book.

North Cheyenne Cañon Park

North Cheyenne Cañon Park is my favorite place to hike in all of Colorado Springs. It's got amazing views of the canyon, the mountains, and even waterfalls! It's also the first place Lizzie hikes at in "Dear Ella!"

Woodland Park, CO

Lizzie's love interest, Charlie DuPont was born and raised in Woodland Park, CO. Situated just west of Colorado Springs, this mountain town has small town feel with beautiful views.

Mueller State Park

Mueller State Park is located further west of Woodland Park and it's a place in the book where Lizzie and Charlie go on a camping trip!

I may add more spots that inspired me or update photos in the future, so check back for any updates!

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